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What Are LED Headlights And How Do They Work?

May. 11, 2021

Automotive LED Light Suppliers give an explanation of what LED headlights are and how they work to keep you safe at night.

Most people know that LED stands for light-emitting diode; however, what is less well known is that LED automotive headlight units can bring increased cost and complexity, as well as improved efficiency and adjustability, compared to automotive xenon bulbs - in part because of the tiny ratio and power use of each diode.

Automotive LED Headlights

Automotive LED Headlights

Most new cars are equipped with Automotive LED Headlights, but full LED headlights are not yet the industry standard. As manufacturers chase lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions, it's becoming more important to ease the strain on a car's electricity, and that's where LED lights come in.

They produce crystal clear light, and when combined with matrix light technology, offer a huge improvement over standard LED, xenon and halogen headlights in terms of adaptability and illumination capability. one downside to LED units, especially the matrix ones, is the very high cost of replacing them.

That said, the popularity of full LED headlights is likely to continue to increase and spending the extra money may become an advantage when it comes to sales. In addition, if you are less confident when driving at night, LED lights can help you to a great extent.

How do LED lights work?

LEDs are simple semiconductors that glow when an electric current is passed through them - they only work if the current flows in one direction, mind you. Because relatively little current is needed to illuminate, less energy is drawn from the battery than halogen and xenon.

Current flows from the cathode to the anode, through a semiconductor material, a material with conductivity somewhere between metal and rubber, made by adding conductivity to an insulating material. The semiconductor then emits photons, which then illuminate the road ahead. 

Because of the simplicity of LEDs, they are virtually error-free, which is why they are predicted to last for more than a decade. That said, LED headlights have not been around long enough to determine how long they will last when used on the open road.

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