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What's So Good About LED Headlights?

Apr. 13, 2021

LED has a very common Chinese name - light-emitting diodes, they are now often to light boxes, signs and a variety of electrical indicators and backlighting role, but also often an important component of Car Taillights, high brake lights, daytime running lights.

Automobiles Led Headlight

Automobiles Led Headlight

Since we talk about LED, we must first talk about why it is so hot now. We all know that the mainstream headlights on automobiles are nothing more than two categories: halogen headlights and Xenon Headlights. Compared with these two mainstream headlights, the emerging LED headlights What are the advantages of headlights?

For automobiles, LED light sources have the following advantages:

1.Energy saving and low cost: The luminous efficiency of LED is high, nearly twice that of fluorescent lamp. If we use our daily energy-saving lamps as an analogy, energy-saving lamps are 4/5 energy-saving than incandescent lamps, and LEDs are 1/4 energy-saving than energy-saving lamps. In cars, the same daytime running lights, the energy consumption of LED components is only 1/20 of that of halogen lamps. The cost of LED components has also been greatly reduced year by year, and the current cost and price are still falling by more than 20% per year.

2. Long life: The LED components currently used in automobiles can basically reach the level of 50,000 hours, and well-known automotive lighting suppliers have been able to provide LED components with a lifespan of 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to 11 years... Taking into account the frequency of light usage, basically, the LED components do not need to be replaced during the design life of the entire vehicle. In contrast, the life span of a xenon lamp is only about 3000 hours...

3. Good durability: LED components have a simple structure, excellent impact resistance and shock resistance, are not easily broken, and can adapt well to various environments.

4. LED components are small in size, compact and easy to layout and shape design: this is a huge advantage of LED, this advantage fully caters to the evolutionary needs of automobile manufacturers in design, breaking the shackles of the past lighting system on styling innovation, and let us have More creative automotive products.

5. Fast response speed: LED lighting only needs microsecond level. It can be quickly lit to achieve better warning effect when used on taillights and turn signals. When used on headlights, it has more advantages than xenon lamps and halogen headlights. High response speed provides better protection for driving safety.

6. Low brightness attenuation: LED brightness is high, and the light brightness attenuation is much lower than that of halogen lamps. It is suitable for lighting and warning lights such as brake lights and turn signals.

7. It can be driven by low-voltage direct current, with small load, weak interference, low requirements for the use environment, and good adaptability. Unlike xenon lamps, a boost device is also required.

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