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The Psychology Behind Car LED Lights

Mar. 04, 2021

When it comes to automotive lighting, what do you think of? A headlamp with excellent performance? Taillights with a sense of design? Daytime running lights with a bright brand image? No matter now or in the future, these are the most easily associated features, and they are also the main direction of Automotive LED Lighting. But at the same time, LED lights are not willing to act as indicator lights on the dashboard in the car environment. Nowadays, whether it is the bright and beautiful backlit display, the practical car occupant detection, or the ambient atmosphere light that automatically adjusts according to the car occupant's mood, time, and various other environmental factors, all have the credit of LED.

The focus of ambient lighting here is not the lighting of the dashboard, but the indirect lighting in the car. The latter aims to enhance the driver's sense of direction, space, safety, comfort and even value. In the eyes of car companies, ambient light can provide drivers with an emotional atmosphere, and link the lighting conditions outside and inside the car to reduce driver fatigue.

Nowadays, ambient light technology is used in innovative interior lighting applications when turning and braking, as well as in applications such as backlight displays, occupant detection, night vision functions, etc., in order to enhance the driving experience and self-feeling. The quality of the ambient lighting will correspondingly have a positive or negative impact on the driving experience.

Car LED Lights

Car LED Lights

The advantages of ambient light

For the time being, the ambient light in the car still has the attributes of being fashionable, and it is mainly limited to high-end models of brands such as Audi, Cadillac, Infiniti, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and so on. However, this technology is gradually penetrating into lower-priced models.

At first, Car LED Lights were just a decorative function. The soft ambient light can obviously make the interior of the car more attractive and affect consumers' perception of car quality; but in the eyes of many people, the ambient light also helps to improve the safety of the driver. Nowadays, most ambient ambient lights use the interior of the car to reflect light, which can also help the driver see more clearly when entering and exiting and driving the car, and has a positive impact on the driver’s mood, reaction speed and comfort .

However, the functionality and attractiveness of ambient lights are equally important. In terms of functional design, the number of light sources, the visibility inside and outside the car, the degree of distraction, the impact on the driver’s reaction speed, the ease of use of electronic equipment, and the appropriate use of various colors should all be the top priority of the designer. Consider factors.

Look to the future

Future research on automotive lighting may include the effects of lighting colors, as well as examining the extent to which ambient lighting helps or hinders tasks such as navigation. As more and more things are connected to each other in the growing Internet of Things, automotive lighting may also occupy a place in the Internet of Things.

The impact of ambient light on the driver is objective, and the application of LED Lights enables them to be accurately specified and reused. At the same time, they must be carefully weighed from the perspective of driving safety. Currently, the entire automotive industry assumes that drivers will turn off or adjust lights that interfere or distract them. However, automatic interactive systems realized through sensing and automatic adjustment are gradually getting involved in automotive lighting. According to the external environmental parameters detected by other vehicle-mounted systems, energy can be saved by automatically adjusting the car's lighting, and a more comfortable experience can be achieved by adjusting the backlight, indicator light or light style.

In the future, it is entirely possible for us to pre-set instructions based on GPS location or time on a smart phone application, so that the lights in the car can be automatically adjusted according to these instructions. The underlying technology of communication between various vehicle systems and lighting systems is changing with each passing day, and the already very flexible LED technology is also constantly evolving, which will bring about more unpredictable impacts. Of course, the pace of innovation in automotive lighting will never stop.

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