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LED Headlight Bulbs are Not a Substitute for Halogen Bulbs

Mar. 18, 2021

It should be noted that LED Headlights are different from halogen headlights. Although some people advertise the former as "LED bulbs", this is actually an incorrect term

The working principle of halogen headlights is similar to that of traditional incandescent bulbs. Inside the bulb is a tungsten wire surrounded by halogen gas. When current flows through the element, it starts to emit light, releasing light and heat. Xenon bulbs, also known as "high-intensity discharge" bulbs, lack filaments; instead, they use electric current to directly heat the xenon

LED Headlights

LED Headlights

However, the working principle of LED headlights is different from these two types of lights. They work by passing current through a semiconductor, and the semiconductor will emit light. They do not use gas and do not contain filaments.

Compared with halogens, LEDs have some advantages. They are brighter, but consume less power, are less prone to heat, and take up less space. However, Automotive Led Headlight Suppliers explain that you cannot simply replace halogen bulbs with Led assemblies. Although conversion kits are available, they have some disadvantages.

First of all, although the operating temperature of LED Lamps itself is lower than that of halogen lamps, they can heat everything around. Therefore, they not only require a separate current regulator, but also a dedicated cooling facility. Therefore, although a single LED may be smaller, the entire headlamp conversion kit may occupy more overall space.

Secondly, converting halogen headlights into LED headlights does not actually improve visibility. This is not only related to the lights themselves, but also to the things around them.

All car headlights need some way to focus the lights produced by their bulbs/LED components. This is especially important for LEDs, because unlike halogen bulbs, their light is not omnidirectional. If there is nothing to bend or reflect their light, they will still be brighter than halogen, but only in one direction.

However, unless the headlight is assembled with the idea of "bulb" technology, it will not distribute light correctly. The space in front of your car may be brighter, but further away, it may actually be darker.

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