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Features of LED Headlights

Jun. 07, 2021

The era of Halogen Lamps is about to become the past tense, xenon lamps become the present tense, and automotive LED headlights will dominate the future! From the 2014 Guangzhou Auto Show, you can see the development of LED in automobiles, from the initial interior lights, to turn signals, tail lights, brake lights and reversing lights, daytime running lights, and then to the current LED headlights. With LED elements applied, can you say that the future is not the era of LEDs?

1.The total power is small. The power of LED lamps is much smaller than that of halogen lamps. The power of a single LED lamp is only 50% of that of halogen lamps, so it is very energy-saving.

2. High efficiency. A 55-watt halogen bulb emits about 1200 lumens, while a 25-watt LED bulb emits about 2200 lumens. The luminous efficiency of LED is nearly 2 times higher than that of halogen lamp.

LED Headlight

LED Headlight

3. Low calorific value. Compared with halogen lamp and xenon lamp, the temperature of Automobile LED Headlight is lower. When lighting, the temperature of halogen lamp and xenon lamp is as high as several hundred degrees, while the temperature of LED substrate does not exceed 120 degrees. The temperature of the radiator does not exceed 70%. Therefore it is safer.

4. LED lights are safer to use, because LED lights work under a safe voltage of 36 volts, while xenon lights need 23000 volts for high-voltage lighting and work under 85V working voltage, while halogen lamps are about 4.5A Work under high current, so the LED lamp operation is safer.

5. The LED light is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The LED light does not contain heavy metals, chlorine and polybrominated polystyrene and other toxic plastics, while the xenon lamp contains heavy metals and chlorine, and the LED light does not contain ultraviolet rays, no light pollution, and light utilization The rate is high.

6. The LED has a long life, theoretically the life of each lamp is up to 100,000 hours, low maintenance, and easier to arrange maintenance.

7. The size of the LED is small, compared with the halogen lamp and the xenon lamp LED. The assembly can be made smaller and the appearance is more beautiful. If you look at the car equipped with the LED headlight assembly, you will have Deeper experience.

LED has entered the homes of ordinary people. Not only home lighting but also shopping mall lighting use LEDs. When you walk on a bustling street at night, LED Lights are everywhere. If you drive a car equipped with LED lights, Under the LED light, it will be another scene.

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