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Who is More Practical For Car LED Lights And Halogen Headlights?

Mar. 29, 2021

The headlights of a car are as important as human eyes. The window of the heart of a car not only determines the safety of the car, but also determines the beauty of the car. Most cars are supported by the headlights, which are extraordinarily domineering and fashion. With the development of the times and technology, there are more and more types of headlights and more and more shapes. As an important part of the car’s electrical components, Headlights are particularly important. The lights are not as bright as before! When encountering a hateful high beam, I squinted my eyes and tried to hit it back with the light, but found that it had no effect.

LED Car Lights

LED Car Lights

Types of car headlights

Let’s talk about the Halogen Lamp first. The story of Edison’s invention of the electric light is the same. The principle of the halogen lamp is actually the same as that of ordinary household light bulbs, but it is a little different. Halogen light bulbs emit light through electric heating tungsten filaments. Tungsten filaments are relatively skinny in the Internet popular language. After heating, they will volatilize. Over time, the tungsten filaments will burn out. Therefore, the light bulbs must be replaced after a period of time. Obviously this cannot be directly Used in cars, so people fill the incandescent lamp with halogen gas, which can effectively increase the melting point and life of the tungsten filament.

In order to meet the daily night driving, car lights have strengthened the reflection and condensing effects of the headlights, so there is no need to worry about the problem of insufficient brightness. At present, most of the car headlights on the market use halogen lamps.

LED lights

Generally speaking, LED Car Lights are light-emitting diodes, which can directly convert electricity into light through semiconductors. The semiconductor chip is the heart of the LED. The chip is on a support and is encapsulated with epoxy resin. It only needs a DC voltage of 12V to light up. The principle is too complicated, so I won’t go into too much description here. But now more and more luxury brands are starting to use LED as headlight source, which is basically used for low beam, but in fog As far as the sky is concerned, the penetrability of the light source is still relatively poor. In the environment of advocating energy saving and environmental protection, LED always has a general trend.

The color temperature and penetrability of halogen is stronger than that of LED, and LED can only be used as driving lights. In a word, the strong light still needs the halogen lamp, the high illuminance led is very expensive. But turn signals, etc., LEDs are suitable, energy-saving, long life, and less heat.

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