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Company Profile

Established in 2009, Guangzhou Evitek Electronic Co., Ltd has been manufacturing Car lighting products and Emergency jump starters for more than 12 years, we now have more than 400 workers, 1 production building and 1 office building, we are one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters in these industries.


In year 2016, EVITEK cooperated with POURIO Germany and bring this brand into China. we explored brand new production lines which were approved by POURIO Germany, started to manufacture European standard products designed and patented by POURIO Germany.


To ensure the high quality of POURIO’s products, most materials we use are imported from Europe, Japan and USA. In the past 4 years, we have already win good market share in China market, and from year 2020, POURIO starts to sell its products to worldwide market. Besides China, Europe and North America are our biggest markets now.


POURIO’s View:

Be the best design and quality!


POURIO’s Principle:

European Standard, European Quality!


POURIO’s Service:

Always be with you, on call 24 hours per day!


POURIO’s History:

Came into China market in year 2016, registered POURIO brand in China

Designed P16 LED and 19B Jump starter kit in year 2016.

Started to sell LED headlight kit and car jump starters in China market through online and offline stores.

Registered POURIO brand in the USA and Spain, started to get into American and Spanish markets.


POURIO’s future plans:

In year 2021, register POURIO brand in Poland, France and Italy, start to launch products onto the above markets.

In year 2022, register POURIO brand in Japan, Korea, Thailand, start to launch products onto the above markets.

In year 2023, register POURIO brand in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, build warehouse in Mexico to serve the whole SA market.

More future plans will be set up..... 


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