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Pourio has over 12 years experience in the R&D, production, and export in car jump starters, car LED headlights. Our cu...

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Pourio has over 50 Certificate of Design Patent and 4 Certificates of Utility Model Patent.


Pourio's R&D team is founded by 8 experienced engineers, including structure engineer, electronic engineer, material engin...

Equipment Equipment

SMT machines, Aging test shelves, Light Source Analysis System,Integrating Sphere

Features of LED Headlights Features of LED Headlights Jun. 07, 2021

​The era of Halogen Lamps is about to become the past tense, xenon...

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Features of Automotive LED Lights Features of Automotive LED Lights May. 22, 2021

​The development of automotive lighting has entered an era of rapid ...

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What Are LED Headlights And How Do They Work? What Are LED Headlights And How Do They Work? May. 11, 2021

​Automotive LED light suppliers give an explanation of what LED...

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